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How to cut a Gemstone?

For a detailed instruction please read “Amateur Gemstone Faceting” by Tom Herbst

Put the Joy1 machine horizontally on a working desk and prepare it for operation.(please see user manual)

I chose a 5 g amethyst. It has a good color and no inclusions. A lowe grad gemstone will never become a supreme faceted gemstone.

  • 1 gas burner
  • 1 piece of dopwax
  • 1dop
  • 1 dopholder

Cut a window in the stone

Heat the dop and put wax on it

This is a dop with wax.

Simultaneosely heat the stone and the dop. Both should not become too hot!

Press the hot dop onto the hot stone. Form the dopwax with your finger into right shape.

Correctly dopped stone.

The gemstone is clamped on the precutter and cut round.

The gemstone precut

Clamp the gemstone to the tool holder

Adjust the index.

Adjust the angle

Adjust the height

By adjusting the height, sink the gemstone slowly to the cutting disk.

Grind the first facet.

First facet accomplished!

The next facets are ground.

After grinding the machine is cleaned up and than the gemstone becomes his polished.

Pavilion is done.

The dop in the transfer-automat.

Transfer Jig.

Heating the gemstone and dop gently.

The gemstone is glued with two differt dopwaxes.

The first dop is removed.

The crown is now cut and polished.

The finished gemstone.