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Frequently asked Questions

Why is the machine so expensive?

We produce very small series of the highest quality. We want to build the machine as good as possible, regardless of the possibly higher costs. All parts are made in germany. the machine is certified in Germany. The advantage is that we can respond to the individual needs of our customers. On request we adapt the machine to the customer and not the customer to the machine.


Why does not the machine have a mast like the other machines?

Grinding and polishing is an active, manual process in which the stone has to be checked very frequently. The handpiece of Joy 1 facilitates this control considerably. It is simply lifted up and rotated and turned until the view of the currently machined facet is optimal. This is usually not possible with upright grinding machines. Also, the construction of the handpiece reduces the grinding of the facets. The compact design makes it possible to minimize the tolerances caused by bending the mechanism.


I have no idea about gemstone grinding, is it worth it to buy such a machine?

Absolute! Upon request, a briefing in the machine can be made after consultation. The principle of facet grinding is very easy to implement with this machine. Like every craft, however, it takes practice and patience to achieve perfection.

Life is too short and your time and your stones too precious for bad tools.


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