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Joy 1

Gemstone Facetting Machine
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Turn your design into reality.

As designer of new and unusual gemstone cuts, using the facetting machine Joy1 you have the opportunity to differentiate yourself from the bulk of jewellery designers and goldsmiths by realizing your own design ideas. There are no limits to new forms and combinations. Using Joy1 you can realize design cuts individually or in series.

Made by the gem grinder for the gem grinder.

After nearly 30 years of gem grinding includinglots of trouble with inferior quality of small machines and lacking availability of professional machines and spare parts we dedided to develop a new facetting machine. Joy1 is running quietly, fits on every worktable and is easy to clean. It is primarily intedend for cutting individual gemstones. It is suitable for goldsmiths, hobby grinders and professionals alike who want to realize new, unique gemstone cuts and go own ways offside of mass production in design and cutting technique. The whole machine is manufactured in Germany and certified according to ISO z2006/42/EG. Special wishes and specifications are possible. Alls parts are manufactured of stainless steel or anodized aluminium so there is no corrosion problem or grinding dust getting into the laquer. Each machine is individually tested for functionality and accuracy.

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Facetting with Joy1 is dead easy.

Using the facetting machine Joy1 even the inexperienced layman can facet gemstones. Each facet is cut and later polished in a reproductible fashion using a pre-defined index adjustment, cutting angle and hand piece height. No previous knowledge or training is needed, even kids can achieve nice results under the supervision of an adult. Read-to-use cutting designs can be downloaded from the internet e.g. www.gemologyproject.com or developed with a software e.g. www.gemcad.com (ca.100€). Of course some patience and a normal amout of common craftmanship are needed. The machine can be used easily on the kitchen table and stowed in the cupboard after use.

Caracteristics of the machine

  • Produced under EC machinery directive 2006/42/EG
  • Most parts are made of stainless steel. The machine weight is 31 kg resulting in low vibration and a very quiet running characteristics.
  • Triple ball bearing spindle made of stainless steel.
  • The stainless steel foots of the hand piece has bronze shoes against abrasion.
  • Vertical adjustment has a adjustable and replaceable bearingseat.
  • Adjustable rotation speed 0-3000 rpm.
  • Size of wheel up to 8”.
  • Adjustable water feed.
  • Toolholder designed for excellent visual control of the cutting and polishing process.
  • Indexwheel , angle, vertical adjustment are laser-engraved.
  • Vertical adjustment tolerance: 0,1 mm, Angel tolerance: 0.02°.
  • Indexwell with fine-tune locking device.
  • Dops made of brass in various styles. They were torsions free screw fitting to the toolholder.
  • Scope of delivery. 1 facettingmashine with a precutting device for serial cuting and cabochon cuting. Handheld with 96 indexwheel,1 set dops in a alublock, 1 transfer jyg, 1 set usertools.
  • Cabochons can also be manufactured on this machine.