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High Quality Custom Made Gem Faceting Machines

Our latest innovation:

After nearly 30 years of working as jewellery designer and gemstone grinder I decided to develop and produce a new type of gemstone grinding machine. In the course of 30 years I have tested and used nearly all gemstone grinding machines currently available. The experiences I made, good and bad ones, were instrumental in the design of Joy 1. My goal was to provide a machine equally suitable for jewellery designers, goldsmiths and gemstone grinders.

Here are some of my considerations:

  • The machine should be compact and transportable – „something to operate on top of the kitchen table“
  • The machine should be usable there without need for strong power connection,water supply and water drain
  • The quality of the machine should be of the kind that would allow the customer to even pass it on to their inheritors.
  • It should run almost without noise
  • It should be easy to clean
  • It should be robust
  • It should be safe to operate
  • Single stones and small series should be grindable alike
  • It should be able to grind small and bigger stones equally well
  • All settings of the machine should be clear, intuitive and reproducable
  • The grinding and polishing quality should be up to those of professional machines
  • The machine should have as many additional functions as possible without compromising on quality. It seemed desirable to have one single machine for pre-grinding, facetting and polishing instead of at least one separate machine for each step like in the industrial workshops. This means of course a reduction in manufacturing speed which can be disregarded in a class vs mass scenario
  • Cabochons should be grindable as well

After 2 years of design and development and 2 more years of prototype testing and certification I can now proudly present the result:


The name is the program: The machine should make you happy when you working on your own gemstone creations!

Gemstone facetting machine Joy 1

Manufactured for highest precision in gemstone faceting

Here is a short summary of the faceting options you have using Joy 1



Using the „Joy 1“ even beginners can easily learn the faceting of gemstones. Cut charts that can be downloaded free of charge from the internet or bought as printed pattern-books help you setthe specifications of aspecific pattern easily at the handpiece and then grind and polish it. Because the rotation speed of the shaft is infintely variable it is possible to cut and polish on the same machine. For this you need additional grinding and polishing wheels – please do not hesitate to ask us for tips on suitable wheels.

Please see the instruction page for a pictorial instruction on faceting

Grinding Cabochons:

On „Joy 1“ single cabochons can be ground freehand or series using the pre-grinder. The stone is glued onto the brass dop after one side has been ground flat. In freehand grinding the stones are screwed onto the dop holder and ground on level wheels or special dish formed wheels (e.g. crystalite dishlapsmanufactured by abrasivetechnology, USA). For “sanding” and polishing nova discs with an adapter can be used. For series a special form wheel corresponding to size and form of the target cabochons is needed.

See also instruction page

Pegboard grinding:

Even traditional pegboard grinding is possible on this machine. Professional gemstone grinders with a training in color gemstone grinding know how to grind stones using the pegboard. In this traditional faceting method the raw stone is cemented onto a wooden stick. The grinding angle is determined by the position of the stick in the pegboard. The index is adjusted manually “by feeling”. It is obvious that Pegboard grinding is a handicraft that requires long practice but at the same time opens new design options.

Please see the instruction page for a pictorial instruction on pegboard grinding

Diamond grinding:

Is it possible to grind diamonds on the „Joy 1“? Yes it is! Because of the high rotation speed achievable (up to 3.000 turns/min.) it is possible to grind diamonds. For this you need:

  • A raw diamond, if possible already cut and pre-formed (available on request at reputable diamond traders e.g. in Amsterdam). Cutting and pre-forming is also principally feasible but is complex, expensive and an art in itself, and you need a functioning old diamond saw and an old lathe
  • One to two old diamond hand pieces (often available on ebay)
  • A flat cast iron wheel and polycrystalline diamond powders of different grain

I succeded in grinding pre-sawn diamond balls (Congoballas) to „Dutch Roses“ on the Joy 1!


Of course there are all spare parts to order here.

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